The Importance of InsulationThe Importance of Insulation

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The Importance of Insulation

After living in our first home for a few years, my wife and I could tell that something was wrong. It was exceptionally difficult to regulate our indoor climate, and we constantly found ourselves adjusting the thermostat. Our house was perpetually uncomfortable, and it was really frustrating. Fortunately, because we decided to hire a professional HVAC contractor to inspect our system, we were able to detect serious insulation problems early. We decided that it might be helpful to make a website dedicated to providing free information about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, so that other people could recognize serious issues.


Preserve Your Septic Line With These 3 Tips

If you own a home, you have to make sure that everything keeps working. However, one of the easiest things to forget about is your septic line, as long as it is working properly. That's why it's a good idea to do some things that will help it continue to work well. Here are some tips to help keep your septic line clean and functional.

Keep Trees and Shrubs Away from Sewer Lines

As trees and shrubs grow, their roots grow underneath the soil. Those roots can force their way into your sewer line and may use the moisture there to grow even bigger. Therefore, avoid planting trees and shrubs near your sewer line. You might even consider cutting down or trimming trees and shrubs already on your property, so that their roots don't continue to grow and pose a threat to your sewer line.

Don't Park on Top of the Sewer Line

If you're like many people, parking in the back yard is something that you may do without thinking about your pipes and sewer line. However, if you continue to park on top of your sewer line, the weight of your car can very well put too much pressure and cause problems. Make sure that you park in an area where you won't disturb your septic system.

Only Flush Toilet Paper and Waste

You may already know that the only thing that should go down into your toilet is toilet paper and waste, but it is easy to take the suggestion lightly. After all, cotton swabs and other small items seem to flush away and don't seem to be a problem. However, keep in mind that not seeing a problem doesn't mean that a problem doesn't exist. Anything that is not waste or toilet paper will not dissolve properly and can clog the sewer line for your entire house.

Try to become more diligent about not throwing anything away in your toilet, and be sure to talk to your family about it. It is especially important to talk about this with visitors you may have, so that they don't cause problems for your sewer line during their visit.

Use the suggestions above to keep your sewer line working. To be sure you don't have any problems with your septic line, it's a good idea to talk to a plumber in your local area like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc. to make sure the line itself is intact. Seek out a plumber who offers coupons and other discounts, so that if you do need repairs, you may be able to bring down costs.