The Importance of InsulationThe Importance of Insulation

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The Importance of Insulation

After living in our first home for a few years, my wife and I could tell that something was wrong. It was exceptionally difficult to regulate our indoor climate, and we constantly found ourselves adjusting the thermostat. Our house was perpetually uncomfortable, and it was really frustrating. Fortunately, because we decided to hire a professional HVAC contractor to inspect our system, we were able to detect serious insulation problems early. We decided that it might be helpful to make a website dedicated to providing free information about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, so that other people could recognize serious issues.


Repairing Your Windows Or Doors After A Burglarly

Having someone break into your home can leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid. Having the damage to your windows or door after a burglary is the first step toward regaining your sense of security. Use this guide to help you get the repairs you need to secure your home and your peace of mind. 

Assess The Damage

After you have contacted the police and made sure your home is safe to enter, take pictures of the damage. Be careful not to touch anything until the police arrive. Once they have responded to your call and examined the area the burglars used to gain entry into your home, you can begin to take steps to have the damage repaired. If the glass on a window or patio door was broken, reach out to a window repair company to visit your home and provide an estimate for window repair or replacement. In many cases, the contractor can also board up your window temporarily until the necessary repairs have been made. If your window locks have been broken, the contractor may be able to do a quick repair on-site or help you to secure the window until the replacement parts for the lock can be sourced.

Contact Your Insurance Company

You'll want to notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the burglary so you can file a claim. Ask about whether or not the costs of repairs to your home are covered under your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy, and make sure you know what type of documentation you need to include when you file your claim. In many cases, your glass repair contractor can help you by making sure that all of the necessary documentation is included on your invoice so you can get a speedy reimbursement from your insurance company.

Consider Additional Security Measures

The silver lining that comes with a burglary is that the burglar has given you a blueprint of your home's most vulnerable area. Consider the area used to break in as a guide for how to beef up security in your home. Ask your contractor about different measures you can take to secure your window or patio door to prevent future break-ins. Your contractor may be able to suggest better locking mechanisms or glass replacement products that make your home less vulnerable to break-ins.

The most important thing to do after a break-in is to secure your home. Your glass repair contractor (such as one from South Jersey Glass & Door) should be able to make an emergency visit to your home to assess the damage and make repairs or provide temporary security measures for your home until the repairs have been completed. Once your repairs are complete. look into other ways you can secure your home to prevent future issues with burglars in your neighborhood.