The Importance of InsulationThe Importance of Insulation

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The Importance of Insulation

After living in our first home for a few years, my wife and I could tell that something was wrong. It was exceptionally difficult to regulate our indoor climate, and we constantly found ourselves adjusting the thermostat. Our house was perpetually uncomfortable, and it was really frustrating. Fortunately, because we decided to hire a professional HVAC contractor to inspect our system, we were able to detect serious insulation problems early. We decided that it might be helpful to make a website dedicated to providing free information about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, so that other people could recognize serious issues.


3 Things To Look For In A Heavy Equipment Rental Contract

Are you thinking about renting heavy equipment from a rental service? This can be a good option if you are looking to use equipment in the short-term and want to cut costs. When you rent the piece of equipment, however, you will generally be required to sign a rental contract. Here are a few things that you should take note of when looking over your contract.

1. Existing Damages

Before you take the heavy equipment home or to the job site with you, you'll want to look it over carefully to find any existing damage. Then, you'll want to mention the damage to someone from the rental company, and you'll want to check the contract to ensure that this damage has been noted. Basically, making sure that it's written on the contract that you sign will help guarantee that you will not be charged for damage that you are not responsible for.

2. Fuel-Related Requirements

Take a look at any fuel-related requirements that are listed on your contract, since they are all different. Some require for you to return the equipment with the same amount of fuel that it had when you picked it up. Others expect it to have a full tank. If it's expected for the equipment to have the same amount of fuel as it had when you picked it up, make sure that the proper amount of fuel has been listed on the rental contract, since you don't want to be responsible for returning the equipment with more fuel than it actually had when you took temporary possession of it.

3. Time of Return Requirements

Another thing that varies from company to company is the time of day when you are expected to return the equipment. You might be expected to return it at the same time of day that you picked it up, or you might simply be required to return it before the close of business on the day that you take it back. You do not want to be charged for an extra day simply because you brought the equipment back late, so make sure that you check this clause first.

As you can see, there are a few things that you will want to look for in a heavy equipment rental contract before signing the dotted line and taking the equipment with you. Then, you can help ensure that you don't get charged extra, and you can ensure that you are fully aware of what you are expected to follow.

For more information, contact a heavy construction equipment rental company.