The Importance of InsulationThe Importance of Insulation

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The Importance of Insulation

After living in our first home for a few years, my wife and I could tell that something was wrong. It was exceptionally difficult to regulate our indoor climate, and we constantly found ourselves adjusting the thermostat. Our house was perpetually uncomfortable, and it was really frustrating. Fortunately, because we decided to hire a professional HVAC contractor to inspect our system, we were able to detect serious insulation problems early. We decided that it might be helpful to make a website dedicated to providing free information about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, so that other people could recognize serious issues.


What Is The Difference Between A Real Estate Appraiser And A Land Surveyor?

If you're in the market for land and real estate, you may be approached about hiring the services of a real estate appraiser or a land surveyor. With limited experience in the industry, these two professionals may sound like they have similar job descriptions. But they actually offer different, and often complementary, services. Here are some things that each of these specialists can help you with. 

What a Real Estate Appraiser Does

A real estate appraiser is often called onto a property to verify the worth of the property. You may be asked to provide an appraisal of the property in order to get a mortgage; the bank wants to make sure that the property would provide a reasonable amount of return should you default on your hefty loan. The real estate appraiser will look at things like the property's condition, features of the buildings, and local selling trends to determine the fair market value on the property. 

What a Land Surveyor Does

In contrast, land surveying looks more at the land plot than the actually home itself. The contractor will evaluate the land's conditions and boundaries. They look at things like vegetation, slope, and ground features to see how workable the land is. They may also find underground utilities and other features for you to determine the possibilities for adding basements, pools, and other underground features. A land survey can also help you to verify that the boundaries listed on the deed are the actual boundaries. While it may be tricky to visualize in words, the surveyor will provide a map of your property.

Why You Can Benefit from Both

Real estate appraisers and land surveyors can actually play complementary roles in the purchase of a piece of land or property. The real estate appraiser's role is one of verification. They will help you to evaluate the current value of the piece of land to ensure that it matches the asking price. On the other hand, a land surveyor can be valuable for helping you understand the potential of a piece of land. Their report will help you assess the drawbacks and potential assets you would encounter when building on the land. A land survey goes deeper than the real estate appraisal when you're dealing with underdeveloped land to help you project your plans onto the lot. Both of these professional evaluations can help you make the right decision about a potential real estate purchase. 

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