The Importance of InsulationThe Importance of Insulation

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The Importance of Insulation

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Considering Having Crawl Space Encapsulation Done? Learn The Lesser Known Benefits Of It

If you are considering having crawl space encapsulation done, you are likely doing so to help keep moisture out of your crawl space. Crawl space encapsulation helps to cover up all of the walls and fixtures inside of your crawl, taking installing a vapor barrier a step farther. However, in addition to keeping moisture out, crawl space encapsulation has other benefits that are not as well known or widely discussed. Here are a few of the lesser known benefits of doing this to your crawl space:

Improves the Air Quality In Your Home

One of the benefits to having crawl space encapsulation done is that it can improve the air quality in your home. If your crawl space is not sealed off, dirt and dust can enter your home from below the house. Typically this occurs through the sub-floor. This causes more dirt and dust to flow into your home which introduces these items into the air. When you seal off the space, you prevent dirt and dust from entering, which improves your air quality. 

Reduces the Likelihood of a Pest Infestation

Another benefit to having crawl space encapsulation done is that it reduces the likelihood of a pest infestation in your home. Pests are likely to use an unsealed crawl space as their home. It is warm, damp and dark under there, making it ideal for them to nest and breed. As they live there, they may go in search of food and the closest spot for that is your home. From there, an infestation occurs. While sealing off the crawl space will not prevent all infestations, it can reduce the likelihood of it happening as it ensures your crawl space is no longer a starting point for pests. 

Improves Your Home's Energy Efficiency

The last benefit to having your crawl space encapsulated is that it can increase your home's energy efficiency. Sealing off the crawl space helps to keep air from escaping through your sub-floor in your home, down into the crawl space, or the reverse of having air from the crawl space seep under the sub-floor and into your home. This reduces your heating and cooling bills, helping you to save money and reduce your energy usage. 

There are many benefits associated with crawl space encapsulation. However, in order to experience these benefits, your crawl space needs to be properly encapsulated. If there are any seams that are open or any rips or tears, you may not experience the full range of benefits. Because of this, you may want to leave this task to a professional, ensuring your crawl space is properly encapsulated and you experience all of the benefits that go along with that. 

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