The Importance of InsulationThe Importance of Insulation

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The Importance of Insulation

After living in our first home for a few years, my wife and I could tell that something was wrong. It was exceptionally difficult to regulate our indoor climate, and we constantly found ourselves adjusting the thermostat. Our house was perpetually uncomfortable, and it was really frustrating. Fortunately, because we decided to hire a professional HVAC contractor to inspect our system, we were able to detect serious insulation problems early. We decided that it might be helpful to make a website dedicated to providing free information about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, so that other people could recognize serious issues.


3 Major Reasons Why You Should Use a Dumpster Rental

Are you excited about the arrival of spring because it heralds the beginning of a major cleanup or renovation project in or around your home? Have you been making sure that you have everything prepared for the beginning of the project? As excited as you are to begin your project, you also need to think about the end. Namely, you need to think about what will happen to all of the waste generated by whatever it is that you'll be doing. Read More 

Commercial Garage Doors: Is It Time To Replace Your Overhead Door?

Whether you operate an auto repair shop or a large food plant, it's important to keep your garage doors in good working order. Garage doors can experience problems from overuse or aging. Some doors make strange sounds that indicate a problem with their mechanical pieces. Here are some things to look for in your commercial garage door and how you can address them. What to Look For One of the problems you want to look for is noise. Read More 

Bats And Roofing: How This Very Common And Very Messy Problem Is Fixed

Animals in your attic can be quite a nuisance, but bats in your attic can cause a lot more trouble than you may be prepared to handle. (The only animals worse than bats in your attic are raccoons and opossums.) When you have some very severe damage to your roof that is caused by bats' droppings and urine, it is more than just a mess--it is a major health concern. To repair your roof and block the bats, here is how this very common and very messy problem is handled. Read More 

3 Things To Look For In A Heavy Equipment Rental Contract

Are you thinking about renting heavy equipment from a rental service? This can be a good option if you are looking to use equipment in the short-term and want to cut costs. When you rent the piece of equipment, however, you will generally be required to sign a rental contract. Here are a few things that you should take note of when looking over your contract. 1. Existing Damages Before you take the heavy equipment home or to the job site with you, you'll want to look it over carefully to find any existing damage. Read More 

Implement These Home Updates To Attract Buyers Quickly

You may be wondering how you can optimize your property's overall value and attract buyers quickly now that you have decided to sell your home. Putting a new coat of paint on the house and committing to a spring cleaning session can help get your place ready for the market, but you shouldn't stop here. With a little extra legwork and planning, you should be able to improve curb appeal and increase your overall property value so that you can quickly attract potential buyers to your home. Read More